The Essential Dementia Care Handbook

The Essential Dementia Care Handbook

The Essential Dementia Care Handbook by Graham Stokes & Fiona Goudie.  Replacing the successful Working with Dementia, this edition draws together many new ideas and practical approaches from professionals working at the leading edge of dementia care. Beginning with the diagnosis of dementia and other problems associated with ageing, this book considers assessment, the person centred model of dementia, rehabilitation and therapy. It outlines practical interventions, illustrated with case studies, that provide a stimulating insight into contemporary understanding and practice. Nursing staff, occupational therapists, residential care workers, social workers and all those in day-to-day contact with elderly people will be inspired by this publication.

Dementia Causes and Neuropsychology Cognitive and Behavioural Assessment Person-centred approaches to understanding Memory clinics ; Acitivity Occupation and stimulation Challenging behaviour Depression and distress Therapeutic relationships Medication Carers and caring.

9780863882449 - The Essential Dementia Care Handbook

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