Working wth Dysfluent Children

Practical Approaches to Assessment and Therapy
by Trudy Stewart & Jackie Turnbull

This extensively revised edition is now an up-to-date clinical text, with ideas on relating theory to current practice. It is an invaluable resource for those working with children who are dysfluent.

Containing revised chapters on all stages of dysfluency and practical ideas and suggestions for therapeutic approaches.

  • Areas covered include:
  • development of stammering;
  • assessment of children who are dysfluent;
  • early dysfluency;
  • Borderline stammering;
  • Confirmed stammering;
  • Group therapy;
  • Working with nurseries and schools.
Contents Starting points; What we know and what we do not know; The development of stammering in children; Assessment of overt and covert features; Early dysfluency; Borderline stammering; Confirmed stammering; Group therapy; Group Programmes for different stages of non-fluency; Working with nurseries and schools; Outcomes.

312pp, wire-o-bound


002 2158 - Working wth Dysfluent Children
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