What do you Mean?

What do you Mean?by Speechmark

These illustrated cards are ideal either as a fun activity resource or for using with people who interpret language literally, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. - Featuring thirty-eight commonly-used idioms and metaphors, each pair of cards shows scenarios that demonstrate both the literal interpretation and the implied meaning. - Match up the literal and non-literal meanings to ask 'What do we really mean?' - Idioms include: 'Let the cat out of the bag'; 'Stand up for yourself'; 'Piece of cake'; 'It cost an arm and a leg'; 'Green fingers'; 'See eye to eye'; 'Feeling blue'. A flexible resource for individuals or groups of all ages, this resource is a new way of presenting idioms by visually reinforcing the implied meaning.

Eighty cards illustrating forty idioms; one half of the pair showing the literal meaning, the other the implied meaning

9780863888410 - What do you Mean?

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