Understanding Children's Needs when Parents Separate

One in four children experiences the separation/divorce of their parents by the time they reach 16 years. When parents separate levels of conflict can be high and significant changes in gamily relationships continue to take place over time. Whilst in emotional distress themselves, parents often manage to pay attention to the needs of their children and it is this parental support which helps children and young people through this transition.

When emotions are heightened for the adults, however, there are occasions when the needs of the children can be easily overlooked. Throughout this time of turmoil and bereavement it is often the school that provides the children with a secure base.

This practical resource will provide schools with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of children and how it is possible to work with them and their families to face the challenging times in their lives.


9780863889066 - Understanding Children's Needs when Parents Separate 

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