The Strands of Speech & Language Therapy

This book is written by a team of speech and language therapists from The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre. It is intended for practitioners working with patients who have acquired communication disorders resulting from brain injury: aphasia, cognitive-communication disorder, dysarthria, apraxia. The authors believe that a therapeutic programme should have its foundations in the linguistic, non-verbal, neurological and neuropsychological perspective of the patient’s difficulties. The approach the team has developed consists of several different strands of therapy, with each strand representing an element of the rehabilitation process:

  • Assessment
  • Goal planning
  • Specific individualised treatment
  • Education
  • Friends and family
  • Psychosocial adjustment

This book describes these strands, illustrates in a user-friendly way how each one relates to therapy, and gives some practical ideas of how practitioners might work within them.

Each chapter begins with the guiding principles and evidence base that underlie the rationale for one particular strand of therapy. Then follow examples of practice and case studies of patients with various types of brain injury. One case study runs throughout the text to provide a real-life example of each strand.

This book describes a speech and language therapy service that aims to be responsive to patients’ needs and develops tailor-made intervention programmes that are unique to each individual.

Includes CD containing assessments and practical tools.


80pp, A4, wire-o-bound book, CD

9780863888151 - The Strands of Speech & Language Therapy 

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