The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

Stanford Binet provides comprehensive coverage of five factors of cognitive ability - Fluid Reasoning; Knowledge; Quantitative Reasoning; Visual-Spatial Processing; Working Memory.

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale can be used to diagnose a wide variety of developmental disabilities and exceptionalities, and may also be useful in:

  • Clinical and neuropsychological assessment
  • Early childhood assessment
  • Psych-educational evaluations for special education placements
  • Providing information for interventions, such as IFPs, IEPs and adult neuropsychological treatment.


  • Child-friendly manipulatives
  • Enhanced non-verbal/low-verbal content
  • Extensive high-end items to ensure measurement of the highest levels of gifted performance
  • Improved low-end items for better measurement of the low-functioning children and adults
  • Valid measurement of abilities into the elderly years with enhanced assessment of working memory.

 Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales: Fifth Edition is an individually administered assessment of intelligence and cognitive abilities.

 Author(s): Gale H Roid

 Suitable For: Educational and Clinical Psychologists

 Age Range: 2 years - 85+ years

 Administration: Individual

 Timings: Vary throughout sub-tests



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