The Reminiscence Skills Training Handbook

This easy-to-use guide provides an accessible workbook for reminiscence skills training. It includes:

  • Information on the history and definition of reminiscence work.
  • The value of the reminiscence experience to older people and their carers as well as practical ideas and suggestions on how to use reminiscence in a beneficial and therapeutic way.
  • How to set up, run and maintain group and individual reminiscence activities.
  • Training points and training activities for each section to enhance understanding by making links with the personal experience of the reader.
  • Emphasis on the role of reminiscence work in the social and emotional care of ethnic minority elders, people with dementia and older people who have been bereaved.

This handbook will not only help to promote reminiscence work but also enhance everyday communication between carers and older people.


  • How to use this handbook
  • Introduction
  • Reminiscence - Origins, Characteristics and Value
  • Promoting Reminiscence
  • Reminiscence Groups - The Planning Stage
  • Running and Maintaining Group Reminiscence
  • Reminiscence Work and the Challenge of Dementia
  • Reminiscence Work Across Cultures
  • Promoting one-to-one Reminiscence Work
  • Training Activities
  • Evaluation of Activities.

002 5025 -  The Reminiscence Skills Training Handbook

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