The Aphasia Resource Book

Practical Ways to Help People with Aphasia by Anne Dalrymple, Sarah Stanfield, Belinda Walker

This book includes practical activity ideas to help people who have aphasia. Designed for use by speech & language therapists, students, volunteers and carers, this is a very user-friendly and practical workbook providing activity ideas to improve skills in specific areas for people who have aphasia. The activities cover a range of difficulties encountered in aphasia including colour recognition, reading and writing, numeracy, memory and vocabulary. The book offers progress from easy to more complex tasks for each topic. It helps you have a clear rationale for inclusion, form part of an overall progression, and have a simple list of materials required. It aims to enhance the client's overall communication skills: this may be by strengthening or teaching skills that have not been so damaged such as gesture, drawing or writing. Resulting from many requests from volunteers, carers and students, this book is ideal for anyone wishing to help people with the frustrating and persisting problem of aphasia. The ideas can also be used as photocopiable homework activities for speech & language therapists to give to clients.


9780863887505 - The Aphasia Resource Book

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