Teaching Talking

Teaching Talking uses a system of screening, detailed profiling and intervention for children from nursery across the primary years. Classroom-based observations form the foundation for a whole class screening system that is quick and easy to record. The second stage looks more closely at those children identified as having language difficulties and allows priorities to be set and group work planned.

For this second edition Teaching Talking has been extensively revised to take into account changes in legislation and curriculum guidance for childcare and education, as well as a thorough re-evaluation of the original procedures and materials to provide an enhanced programme

  • Reflects new curricula for speaking and listening
  • Refers to the latest UK codes of practice for special educational needs
  • Contains eight new case studies of children aged 2 to 8 illustrating the programme in action
  • Provides more information on the types of communication difficulty staff are likely to meet in mainstream settings, including autistic spectrum disorder, dyspraxia, stammering and selective mutism

 A comprehensive programme that enables education professionals to identify and support young children experiencing problems in understanding and using language.

Author(s): Ann Locke and Maggie Beech

Suitable For: Teachers, SENCOs, Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists

Age Range: 2 - 11 years

Administration: Individual

Timings: Untimed


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