Talkabout for Teenagers

Developing Social & Emotional Communication Skills by Alex Kelly & Brian Sains.

A complete groupwork resource offering a hierarchical approach to teaching social and relationship skills to teenagers Designed specifically for teenagers, this practical workbook provides ready-made material for running social and relationship skills groups with older children and young adults. · Divided into five, hierarchical modules – self awareness and self esteem; body language; conversational skills; friendship skills; assertiveness skills– each module includes a teaching plan with worksheets and photocopiable resources. · Includes a short assessment to highlight the module that is most appropriate to teach and the skills within that module that are relevant. · Provides a short guide to running successful social skills groups, for example, the numbers for each group, group rules, developing group cohesion, how to set up a role play. The Talkabout series is an extremely successful, hierarchical approach to teaching social skills and Talkabout for Teenagers is ideal for all professionals working with teenagers with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Assessment; Level 1: Talkabout Me; Level 2: Talkabout Body Language; Level 3: Talkabout Talking; Level 4: Talkabout Friends; Level 5: Talkabout Assertiveness

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