Talkabout Assessment

A social skills assessment tool.

This comprehensive tool provides an assessment of social skills in the following areas:

  • Body Language – eye contact; facial expressions; gestures; distance; touch; fidgeting; posture and personal appearance.
  • The Way We Talk – Volume; Rate; Clarity; Intonation; Fluency.
  • Conversation – Listening; Starting a conversation; Taking turns; Asking questions; Answering questions; Being relevant; Repairing; Ending a conversation.
  • Assertiveness – Expressing feelings; Standing up for yourself; Making suggestions; Refusing; Disagreeing; Complaining, Apologising; Requesting explanations.

The assessment tool provides a visual summary of a person’s non-verbal, verbal and assertiveness skills and provides an excellent start-point for planning appropriate intervention.

Age: 7+


CD plus booklet

9780863888052 - Talkabout  Assessment Tool CD ROM 

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