SPPARC by Sarah Lock, Ray Wilkinson & Karen Bryan

SPPARC highlights the importance of working with partners in order to create real-life change both for partners and for people with aphasia. The SPPARC pack consists of a manual, CD Rom and DVD and provides: · Practical resources to run support and conversation training programmes either for groups of partners or for the partner and the person with aphasia together as a couple. · Conversation assessment and treatment materials, photocopiable and printable (from the CD Rom) activities and handouts, as well as an introduction to conversational analysis. · A DVD with 27 extracts of everyday conversations between several people with aphasia and their partners, which can be used as a resource both for assessing everyday conversation and for facilitating change. Theoretically validated through the 'Coping with Communicating' research project from University College London, SPPARC goes beyond the theory and provides a complete resource of clinically effective tools to work with people with aphasia and their communication partners.

List of Tables and Figures About the Authors Foreword Preface Acknowledgements

 1 Background to the SPPARC Pack Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter2 How to Use this Resource Pack Introducing the Pack Efficacy of the Programmes Key to Terrminology, Abbreviations, Symbols, Signs and Design 2 Background to the Support Programme

Chapter 3 Introducing the Support Programme Providing Psychosocial Support for Partners: Rationale Working with Partners in a Group Setting: Rationale Providing Information: Rationale

Chapter 4 Carrying Out the Support Programme Step 1: Preparation Step 2: Facilitating the Group Evaluating the Programme 3 Background to the Conversation Training Programme

Chapter 5 Introducing the Conversation Training Programme Working on Conversation: Rationale Using Conversation Analysis

Chapter 6 Working on Conversation: The Six Steps Step 1: Preparation Step 2: Recording the Conversation Step 3: Preliminary Viewing and Transcription of Conversation Step 4: Conversation Assessment The SPPARC Conversation Assessment A Trouble and Repair B Turns and Sequences C Topic and Overall Conversation Step 5: Moving from Assessment to Training Step 6: Conversation Training Evaluating the Programme

Chapter 7 Case Study Introduction to Sam and Connie The Conversation Training Programme for Sam and Connie Evaluation of Sam and Connie's Conversation Training Programme Conclusion 4

Appendixes 1 Master SPPARC Conversation Assessment Form (photocopiable) 2 Coordinating the SPPARC Conversation Assessment, video & pack resources 3 Instructions for Videotaping Conversations (photocopiable) 4 Transcription Symbols 5 The 'Coping with Communicating' Study Bibliography.

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