Spot what's Wrong Language Cards

These cards are designed to encourage development of a child's visual discrimination, receptive and expressive language skills. The task is for the child to look at each pair of pictures in response to the question 'What's Wrong?', spot the deliberate mistake(s) in one of them and then explain 'What's Wrong'.

  • Contains 24 pairs of cards
  • The same scene is shown in each pair of cards except that one of the pair shows one, two or three things wrong
  • Various scenes are featured:  in the snow, in the jungle, on the farm, in the sea, in the house and in the countryside
  • The three levels of difficulty encourage a child’s progress in simple stages.

Using the cards can also help to increase a child’s vocabulary and improve attention and listening skills.

Age: 4+


48 cards, 148 x 210mm(A5) + instruction booklet, boxed

9780863888311 - Spot What's Wrong Language Cards

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