Schedule of Growing Skills

The Schedule of Growing Skills (SGS) is both quick and easy to use and gives accurate information about a child's development across a range of areas.

It assesses nine key areas:

  • Passive Posture
  • Active Posture
  • Locomotor
  • Manipulative
  • Visual
  • Hearing and Language
  • Speech and Language
  • Interactive Social
  • Self-Care Social.

The child profile shows the level of development in a clear graphic style, giving you an accessible basis for discussion with other professionals and parents.

A separate cognitive score can be derived from relevant items to aid interpretation.

 An invaluable tool for professionals who need to establish the developmental levels of young children.

 Author(s): Martin Bellman, Sundara Longam and Anne Aukett

 Suitable For: Educational Psychologists, SENCOs, Nursery Teachers, Paediatricians and Health Visitors

 Age Range: 0 - 5 years

 Administration: Individual

 Timings: Untimed



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