Schedule of Growing Skills: Training DVD

A comprehensive DVD to prepare and train staff in the administration, reporting and scoring of the Schedule of Growing Skills.

Suitable for use with a wide range of staff, this DVD provides over 31/2 hours worth of training materials to help healthcare organisations prepare, create and implement effective training courses. Flexibly structured and bite-sized, the materials can be used to support training courses of half-day to full-day in length.


Presented by an experienced trainer of SGS, the Introduction provides a brief overview of SGS, including its purpose and how to get the most out of the materials. The accompanying PowerPoint presentation outlines the key techniques for administering, scoring and reporting with SGS.

Demonstration Videos

The demonstration videos include 4 clips of children of differing ages being assessed by an experienced administrator of SGS. These videos show how the assessment should be administered and allow staff a unique opportunity to see an actual demonstration of SGS. By modelling how each item should be approached and administered, staff quickly become familiar with the processes involved.

Assessment Videos

The assessment videos include another 4 clips of children being assessed, allowing staff this time an opportunity to watch and then complete their own assessment of the child using both the Record and Profile Forms. This will help determine their level of competence and confidence in scoring and reporting SGS. An indication as to what the Record and Profile Forms should look like is included in the PowerPoint for assessment purposes.

Developmental Milestones

The final part of the DVD contains concise presentations from paediatric specialists about general developmental milestones and how these relate to SGS. The interviews feature expert commentary regarding motor, speech, language and social skill development. The information provided will be valuable for new staff in helping them to decide at what item level to start assessing a child.


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