Rivermead Percetual Assessmet Battery

 Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery provides a preliminary assessment of a client's level of visual perceptual ability prior to therapy. The results may be used to plan an appropriate therapy programme.

The test includes 16 sub-tests:

  • Picture Matching
  • Object Matching
  • Size Recognition
  • Series
  • Missing Article
  • Sequencing-Pictures
  • Right/Left Copying Words
  • Colour Matching
  • Three-Dimensional Copying
  • Cancellation
  • Figure-Ground Discrimination
  • Animal Halves
  • Body-Image Self-Identification
  • Body Image

The degree of visual-perceptual deficit is calculated by comparing the client's visual-perceptual score with that which would be expected for some of the same pre-morbid intelligence levels

  • Monitors changes which are due to treatment or natural recovery over time
  • Can be used following a stroke or head injury to assess a client's level of visual perceptual deficit.

 Assesses levels of perceptual ability across a wide range.

 Author(s): Susan Whiting, Nadine Lincoln, Janet Cockburn and Gitu Bhavnani

 Suitable For: Occupational Therapists, Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists

 Age Range: 16 - 97 years

 Administration: Individual

 Timings: 45 - 50 minutes


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