Reynell Developmental Language Scales III

Reynell Developmental Language Scales III (RDLSIII) reflects current views on language development and is a norm-based practical tool for everyday clinical use. It includes two scales - the Comprehension and the Expressive Scales. The scales contain 62 items and focus on the structural aspect of language and how they contribute to its acquisition and use, and examine disorders that can occur in either area.

The Comprehension Scale is organised into 10 sections:

  • Single Words
  • Relating Two Named Objects
  • Agents and Actions
  • Casual Constituents
  • Attributes
  • Non Phrases
  • Locomotive Relations
  • Verbs and Thematic Role Assignment
  • Vocabulary and Complex Grammar
  • Inferencing

The Expressive Scale is organised into 7 main sections:

  • Simple Words
  • Verbs and Phrases
  • Infections - Plurals, Third Person
  • Past Tense
  • Clause Elements
  • Auxiliaries - Negatives, Questions and Tags
  • Complex Structures - Imitation, Correction of Errors and Utterance Completion


  • Most of the sections have explicit linguistic focus, allowing you to use section scores to make judgements about areas of strength and need
  • Uses engaging pictures, toys and finger puppets to help maintain the child's interest throughout the testing session
  • Includes separate raw scores for the Comprehension and Expressive Scales, which can be converted to age equivalent scores and percentile scores, enabling comparison
  • Offers true reliability through standardisation on a large representative sample


A comprehensive assessment for professionals working with children with language difficulties.

Author(s): Susan Edwards, Paul Fletcher, Michael Garman, Arthur Hughes, Carolyn Letts and Indra Sinka

Suitable For: Speech and Language Therapists

 Age Range: 15 months - 7 years 6 months

 Administration: Individual

 Timings: 30 - 40 minutes



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