Restorative Practices in Classrooms

Restorative Practices in Classrooms by Margaret Thorsborne & David Vinegrad.

Rethinking behaviour management through the use of restorative justice methods in the classroom. This clearly presented manual takes practitioners in gradual stages through the harsh realities of confronting wrong-doing and injustice in school. The traditional approach seeks simply to apportion blame and punish the wrongdoer. There is now strong evidence that restorative justice can be effective in reducing problem behaviour, and in engendering a sense of fairness and justice among all stakeholders in the school community. The book provides: • An explanation of restorative justice and behaviour management • A wide range of restorative practice measures • Step-by-step instructions for planning and facilitating individual, small group and whole class conferences • Frequently asked questions and answers • Key master documents that can be adapted • Case studies. Full of practical suggestions and techniques for dealing with problem behaviour, whether trivial or serious. Age: 7-16


  • Foreword About this manual
  • Chapter 1 Rethinking our approaches to managing behaviour
  • Chapter 2 Restorative practices - a continuum
  • Chapter 3 Working proactively - classroom conferences and teaching and learning
  • Chapter 4 Classroom conferences - responding to wrongdoing
  • Chapter 5 Individual, small and medium group conferences
  • Chapter 6 Facilitating conferences - understanding the script
  • Chapter 7 What if?
  • Appendix Classroom conference script
  • The 'no blame' conference script
  • Classroom conference report
  • Classroom conference evaluation
  • Conference facilitator checklist
  • Letter to parents
  • Recommended reading
  • Case studies About the authors

9780863886881 - Restorative Practices in Classrooms

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