Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration

Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration

Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration by Rosemarie Portmann & Elisabeth Schneider This book offers a variety of games and activities that facilitate a positive and fun learning experience for people of all ages in their emotional and behavioural development. The games and activities are suitable both for individuals and groups, and take a positive and proactive approach to the areas of: self-esteem, aggression, relaxation and concentration, and social skills. This volume contains 130 games to promote relaxation and concentration: "Includes games for reducing restlessness and agitation, calming and awareness, attention and thinking, and concentration for the whole body.

Games for reducing restlessness and agitation; Calming and awareness games; Kim's games; Attention and thinking games; Concentration games for the whole body.


002 5133 - Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration

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