Poišči povezavo

Poišči povezavo

The first ever board game to incorporate the well-known quality of the ColorCards range, Find the Link is a substantial resource featuring a total of 200 photographic game cards. Suitable for individuals or groups of up to five players it can be used with either children or adults making it ideal for teachers and therapists alike. Aimed at developing word-finding and categorisation skills, Find the Link features:

40 categories that range from the general, such as animals and transport, to more complex such as function and place; Broad categories that can be subdivided into finer categories such as animals into wild, ocean, farm, pets and insects; Versatile board which allows the cards to be used in different ways; 200 photographic game cards that can be used alone for sorting and classification. 

Four basic groups consisting of :

  1. ANIMALS : Pets, domestic/farm animals, insects, wild land animals, wild sea creatures 
  2. FOOD : fruit, vegetables, domestic, main meal, drinks 
  3. CLOTHES : summer, party, sports, winter, night-time 
  4. TRANSPORT : Rail, road, air, water, work 

Ten categories representing the use or function of a variety of everyday objects. Each category consists of five cards Reading, eating, playing, drinking, writing or drawing, cutting, carrying, cleaning, telling the time, cooking. 

Ten further categories representing common places where everyday objects are found. Each category contains five cards : Handbag, medicine box, school bag, jewellery box, tool box, garden, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen 

Main vocabulary cards can also be used to illustrate five different shapes : 

  • ROUND : Orange, stopwatch, hand mirro, ring, cushion
  • TRIANGLE : Cake slice, yacht sail, duffel bag, ear rings, hanger 
  • SQUARE : Book, board game, shopping bag, box, flannel 
  • RECTANGLE : Car, suitcase, address book, lunch box, pencil case 
  • OVAL : Potato, clock, necklace, cufflinks, soap

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