Philosophy Through Storytelling

Philosophy Through Storytelling by Pauline Purcell

An accessible beginners manual with all you need to run philosophy groups with children or adults Whether you work with school pupils, students or adults, philosophy offers the opportunity to develop thinking skills that have both personal and academic application. This practical manual contains detailed guidance and a set of short stories for running philosophy groups. · Ideal for use in schools, the sessions can be used in a variety of environments, and with participants of all ages from five to 95. · In each session, the participants start with a warm-up, examine a key stimulus, generate questions from that stimulus, agree to focus on one question and share, challenge and develop views on that question. Finally they consider how well the process went, warm-down and end the session. · Using this approach to philosophy is an excellent way to challenge thinking and to encourage interaction, as some participant responses show: 'It's much more worth listening to than I expected', 'It is great to hear what others think and believe', and 'I feel I know the people in my group much better.' · Particularly ideal for schools using the P4C (Philosophy for Children) method and for adult special needs group leaders. This accessible manual helps you to introduce philosophy to your group and will change how you and your students think about themselves and others. Please note accompanying question and discussion cards by the author are also available from Speechmark.

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