Practical Intervention for Cleft Palate Speech

Practical Intervention for Cleft Palate Speech

Practical Intervention for Cleft Palate Speech by Jane Russell & Liz Albery. A Speechmark core resource, this photocopiable manual provides practical ideas and material for speech language therapists to use with clients whose speech difficulties arise from cleft palate and/or velopharyngeal disorders. - It will enable therapists in the community (away from specialist cleft palate centres) to feel confident in dealing with the specific problems that cleft palate speech can bring, even if they have no experience of working with this client group. - The therapy ideas can be used flexibly and are designed to cover all age-groups: pre-school, school-age and adult. - It is self-evident that a physical defect which affects the structures of the mouth and face has the potential to influence communication and in particular articulatory development. When working with this client group there is an element of trial and error. What works well for one client may not work so well for another. The suggestions presented in this book will help to determine the best approach for a particular client.

Introduction; Planning therapy; Pre-speech and early speech development; Developing a speech sound system; Structuring articulation programmes; Approaches used with articulation therapy; Remediation of specific cleft type characteristics; Providing the client with practice and support; Working with teenagers and adults; Appendices resources; Bibliography.

9780863885136 - Practical Intervention for Cleft Palate Speech

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