Not Just Talking

This innovative approach to dealing with communication difficulties was devised by the author following encounters with increased numbers of children who had learned to talk, but still were unable to communicate effectively.  This new theory of communication development devised in the late 1990s has been successfully used by the author and a wide range of educators and promotes the good use of non-verbal skills in children. This programme changes the lives of children (in the family and at school) who benefit from it.

The book will look at:

  • Non-verbal communication theory
  • Normal and disordered development
  • Problems arising – behaviour; social skills; education; in the family
  • Prevention
  • Assessment
  • Intervention

Generally those children with poor non-verbal skill development will have limited ability to communicate effectively in all situations and may even be ‘shut down’, i.e. not attempting to communicate unless they choose to.  This flagship book provides a whole new perspective and presents a concrete alternative approach to tackling the fundamentals from which communication difficulties arise.


Approx 242pp, wire-o-bound, A4

9780863888496 - Not Just Talking

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