Provides a valid profile of a client's abilities and a measurable assessment of specific deficits to help plan treatment.

LOTCA™ 2 is a series of cognitive tests for primary assessment and ongoing evaluation in the treatment of brain injured individuals. Changes to the original LOTCA™ were made in giving and scoring the test allow for more accuracy. Various subtests related to the rehab process are divided into 4 areas: Orientation, Visual and Spatial Perception, Visual Motor Organization and Thinking Operations.

LOTCA™-G is a revised version of LOTCA™ (First Edition) geared specifically towards the ongoing evaluation and treatment plans for geriatric clients with brain injury. This version addresses physical and mental factors that can accompany aging by offering larger components, reduced pictorial detail, multiple choice questions, and shorter administration time.

Both versions were designed to provide standardized testing procedures and established norms for systematic data collection in cognitive assessment.

Kits include card decks, colored blocks, pegboard set, a manual and other materials packed in a carrying case. Carrying case measures 13 1/2 x 10 x 3 1/4 ¨ (34 x 25 x 8 cm). Shipping weight is 4.5 lb. (2.1 kg). Published studies are available upon request.

Manual Authors: Malka Itzkovich, OTR; Sara Averbuch, MA OTR; Betty Elazar, OTR. Principal researcher: Noomi Katz, Ph.D., OTR. Advisor: Levy Rahmani, Ph.D. Under the auspices of Lowenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, Israel


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