Early Listening Skills

Early Listening Skills

Early Listening Skills by Diana Williams. This practical and comprehensive manual, for professionals working with pre-school children or the older special-needs child, offers more than 200 activities in a format designed to be photocopied for use in the classroom or for carers. - Covers the basic auditory skills needed before meaning can be attached to sound. - Deals with more advanced abilities including sound recognition and auditory sequencing. - Includes materials on auditory detection, discrimination, recognition, sequencing and memory. - Describes listening projects and topics for the curriculum. - Includes activity sheets for parents.

Discovering Sound; Exploring Soundmakers; Sound or Silence; Simple Discrimination; Sound Recognition; Finding Sound; Fine Discrimination; Rhythm and Sequencing; Auditory Memory; Listening to Speech; Listening Skills in the School Curriculum; Holiday Listening Project.

9780863883446 - Early Listening Skills

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