Lets Talk Assertiveness

 Let's Talk: Assertiveness by Sue Nicholl.

Cards to  improve communication and confidence Assertiveness is based on the idea that people have rights and responsibilities. If people respect their own rights and wants and those of others, they may be said to be acting assertively. If people act as if their rights and wants are more important than other people’s they may be said to be acting in an aggressive way. If they act as if their rights and wants are less important, their response would be said to be passive. The pack comes in six sections: • Is this assertive, passive or aggressive? (Examples of different behaviours and beliefs) • Give an example of… (Participants reflect on their own experiences to explore assertiveness issues) • Change this to being assertive (Changing passive and aggressive body language and response to assertive ones) • Discussion cards (To get participants thinking about ideas behind assertiveness and motivations for becoming more assertive) • When could you use this strategy? (Practical suggestions for becoming more assertive) • Situation cards: being assertive (Asking for ideas of an assertive response in different scenarios).

78 cards plus instructions and ideas, boxed.

003 5584 - Lets Talk Assertiveness

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