Lifestyle Matters

Lifestyle Matters

Lifestyle Matters - An Occupational Approach to Healthy Ageing by Claire Craig & Gail Mountain. Lifestyle Matters is a practical CD-Rom resource that contains a wealth of ideas and activities for occupational therapists, support workers, students and other professionals working with older people in the community. Taking a holistic approach, the Lifestyle Matters programme challenges participants to examine their lifestyle and to make positive changes which promote good physical and emotional health. Themes include: " The relationship between activity and health " Maintaining mental well-being " Maintaining physical well-being " Safety in the home and community " Personal circumstances. Each theme is divided into a number of sessions with ideas for introductory activities, group discussion topics and group activity ideas. There are also 64 photocopiable handouts in the book and on the accompanying CD-Rom that can be used within the group sessions. The book is divided into four parts: " The Lifestyle Matters programme and the principles behind it " How to implement the programme - including who can benefit from it, how long it should last and the resources required " Delivering the programme - looking at session structure, selecting a session and keeping a record of group and individual sessions " The Lifestyle Matters manual - each section containing a combination of group sessions, individual sessions and visits or outings. Inspired by research by Florence Clark and her colleagues at the University of Southern California, this Lifestyle Matters programme has been developed through consultation with older people at every stage, making it a welcome and invaluable resource. As one member of a group exclaimed, 'You didn't give me a new lease of life, you gave me back my life!'.

Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part 1: The Lifestyle Matters programme; Part 2: How to Implement the Lifestyle Matters programme; Part 3: Delivering the Lifestyle Matters programme; Part 4: The Lifestyle Matters manual; Appendices; Bibliography

9780863885822 - Lifestyle Matters

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