Early Visual Skills

 Early Visual Skills

Early Visual Skills by Diana Williams. Intended for professionals working with children with under-developed visual perceptual skills associated with language delay or other communication difficulties, this practical manual provides photocopiable activities designed to stimulate and develop visual attention and discrimination skills. The majority of the activities are non-verbal and are therefore suitable for children with limited spoken language, including the deaf, sensory impaired or those with autism or learning difficulties. Primarily aimed at the pre-school age group, but adaptable to suit the needs of a range of children. Offers visual perceptual tasks designed to help develop specific concepts such as colour, size and shape, which can also form part of an attention training programme.

Look and learn; Let's look together; Looking around; Visual sorting; Complex Visual Discrimination; Holiday Projects; Look at Me; Looking and Following; Visual Matching; Visual Sequencing; Memory and Concentration; Visual Skills in the School Curriculum

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