Head Injury

Head Injury

Head Injury - A Practical Guide Revised Edition by Trevor Powell. This popular and bestselling book has been brought up to date with the latest information on caring for someone with a head injury. - Newly published, it includes an additional chapter on long term emotional adjustment, plus extended sections on other types of brain injury, returning to work, anger management and improving insight and awareness. - This book is the ultimate guide to the hidden psychological, social, behavioural and emotional problems caused by head injury for professionals, families and carers. - Practical, down-to-earth and written in a jargon-free style, it addresses the medical problems, rehabilitation and adjustment of individuals and families to the realities of life after head injury. Containing personal experiences, factual information and research and specific guidance and practical advice on ways of dealing with difficulties connected with head injury, this new and updated version will be an essential addition to the resources of all professionals working with people with a head injury. "Introductory chapters are good and incorporate recent research." Journal of Advanced Nursing

Information about head injury: Setting the scene; What happens in a head injury; The road towards recovery; Understanding and coping with the physical effects of head injury; Understanding and coping with cognitive symptoms after head injury; Understanding and coping with emotional and behavioural problems; Head injury: a family affair; Special issues; Long term emotional adjustment - letting go.

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