How do I ...GET A JOB

How do I ...GET A JOB

How do I...Get a Job? by Alison and Amy Roberts

This game is designed as a resource to help young people learn to understand and prepare for work experience, job- seeking, interviews and coping in the workplace. In particular young people with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum find interviews difficult in the same way as they may struggle with day-to-day conversations. Many of the elements of the interactions are similar: * Greeting appropriately * Making eye contact * Using appropriate facial expression * Listening carefully * Asking good questions * Requesting clarification, etc. This fun discussion card-based activity encourages participants to: * Answer questions * Appraise themselves * Decide whether advice suggested is good or bad * Role-play situations and interactions using hypothetical scenarios There are 74 cards and the game can be played by any number of people, although 4-6 is recommended. Age: 15 + 

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