How are they feeling?

These cards present a range of scenarios and activities that occur frequently or rarely in everyday life, but which may have a huge influence or impact.  Using relevant cards from the set provides opportunities to discuss what it may or may not portray and provide an ideal start-point for conversation or story telling with individuals or groups.

Scenarios, experiences and activities depicted include:

  • Parents rowing in front of daughter
  • Visit to the dentist
  • Feeding a pet
  • Attending a night club/concert/festival
  • Starting a race
  • Moving house
  • Cyber bullying
  • Having no money

The accompanying booklet provides guidance for using the cards effectively and the CD includes worksheets for each card.


30 cards, 297 x 210mm (A4), CD Rom + instruction booklet, boxed

9780863888847 -  How are they feeling? 

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