Here's One I Made Earlier

Ideas for enlivening and extending SLT sessions.

This imaginative and practical book contains a collection of ideas and games that should provide you with lots of new resources without spending a fortune. Some of the games and activities address particular communication themes, e.g.

  • listening techniques
  • speech sounds
  • vocabulary building
  • friendship skills

while others cover several areas simultaneously. The book is organised into chapters according to the major skill area being addressed, with suggestions for linked items in other chapters. To add to well-established and structured programmes of therapy that SLTs use, there are two principles that can make for better therapeutic outcomes, and on which the book is based:

  1. Clients often respond more effectively if they feel that they "own" their therapy by being involved in making the materials that they will use.
  2. Therapy is improved when it is good fun, and preferably humourous.

You don’t need to be a great artist or craftsman to create these games and activities, or have huge quantities of spare time to make most of the items, especially if you can get organised with equipment all in one go. There is a basic shopping list to help you get started. 

A must have for all Speech and Language Therapists.

Age: 11+

By: Alison Roberts


9780863888595  -  Here's One I Made Earlier   

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