Hands on Dyspraxia

Hands on Dyspraxia by Jill Christmas

A practical working guide for parents, teachers and allied professionals, offering an understanding of dyspraxia, its underlying causes, strategies and helpful advice. · Explains the terms used in dyspraxia, for example, proprioception, bilateral integration, vestibular, postural, cross lateral and tactile defensiveness. · Outlines the impact that these issues can have in the class or home setting. · Includes practical advice and strategies. This handbook will illuminate dyspraxia issues for people who have to deal with the outcome of having this condition. It provides medical/physiological understanding of the condition and will facilitate access to education and everyday living for the children in question.

Introduction; Dyspraxia: an overview; Sensory integration; Eye and hand skills; Visual perception; Bilateral integration: working both sides of the body together; Primitive or baby reflexes; Daily living (self-care) skills; Additional exercises, activities and therapy.

9780863886539 - Hands on Dyspraxia 

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