Group Activities with Older Adults by Vicki Dent

Group Activities with Older Adults by Vicki Dent. If you have responsibility for providing activities for older adults and you aren't sure whether what you are providing is effective, or you have exhausted all your own activity ideas then this book is for you. This clear and easy-to-use resource provides the tools you require to develop and implement a range of activities that meet the needs of your group. - Structured around the ten areas of activity need - cognitive, creative, cultural, educational/employment, emotional, physical, self-esteem, sensory, social and spiritual - this book is a resource of activity ideas with hints, tips and suggestions for successful planning and delivery, and guidance on recording and evaluating activity programmes. - Explores some of the adaptations required to meet the needs of younger clients, those with dementia, and those with communication difficulties. - An ideal resource for anyone working with elderly people wanting to improve on an existing activity programme, or wishing to commence one. 

Part 1 Making Group Activities Work: The Benefits of Groups; Ensuring Group Effectiveness; Planning a Programme; Meeting the Needs of Different Client Groups; Evaluation and Documentation; Part 2 Group Activities: The Ten Areas of Need Approach; Appendices.


002 5096 - Group Activities with Older Adults

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