Family Relations Test: Children's Version

The Family Relations Test: Children's version helps you record and quantify children's feelings about their families.

Author(s): Eve Bene and James Anthony

Suitable For: Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Family Therapists

Age Range: 3 - 15 years

Administration: Individual

Timings: 20 - 25 minutes

The test assesses the feelings and emotions, negative and positive, that a child has towards their family. Separate record forms are designed for use with children age 3-7 years and 7-15 years respectively.
  • Measures outgoing and incoming emotions, negative and positive feelings for each figure, highlighting relationships, which you may need to focus on
  • Gives you information about a child's views on their family relationships and thoughts concerning them, to which you can then focus attention
  • Contents an easy-to-use scoring procedure which assesses the feelings associated with material and parental over-protection and over-indulgence and personality strength and weakness


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