Working with Voice Disorders

Working with Voice Disorders

Working with Voice Disorders by Stephanie Martin & Myra Lockhart. An essential resource for clinicians of varying levels of experience from student to specialist, this book provides practical insights and direction in all aspects of managing voice disorders. · Provides a sound theoretical framework to this specialism and offers a rich variety of practical resource material - the result of the authors' wide experience accumulated over many years in the field of voice therapy. · The multi-dimensional structure of this manual allows the clinician to look at both the specific aspects of patient management as well as the issues of clinical effectiveness, clinical governance and service management. · Its pragmatic approach, wealth of photocopiable material and clinician-friendly patient-centred approach makes this an essential resource for every clinician.

Anatomy overview: Non-organic disorders, organic disorders; The case history: Assessment, treatment strategies, management strategies, service management; Appendices: Voice care advice, voice disorders summary chart, voice questionnaire, case history proforma, voice assessment sheet, voice record sheet, voice diary, prognostic indicator check list.

9780863889462 - Working with Voice Disorders

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