Swallowing Guidelines

Swallowing Guidelines

Swallowing Guidelines - Individualised Programmes of Care by Elizabeth Boaden & Jo Walker. This book and CD-ROM resource is the simple answer to a busy therapist's problem. It enables the therapist to meet their professional responsibility to inform patients and carers of relevant dysphagia instructions by designing contemporaneous written information, advice and therapy. - Using an interactive CD-ROM, Swallowing Guidelines allow you to produce multiple individualised programmes that may be emailed or posted to the individuals, their carers or other professionals in any location. - The programme sheets offer comprehensive advice covering all aspects of dysphagia care in clear unambiguous language. All that the therapist needs to do is highlight the sections pertinent to their patient and the programme is created. As the individual's status changes, the programme can be quickly amended to reflect their changing needs. - The CD-ROM and accompanying template ensures that individualised programmes are comprehensive and produced efficiently thus maximising the use of clinical and administrative time.

Resource aims; How to use this resource; Template; Description of swallowing difficulties; Oral desensitisation exercises, Introduction of toothbrush into mouth; Environment, equipment; Textures/consistencies; General advice and prompts, Eating and drinking advice; Compensatory techniques to practise; Oromotor therapy exercises, Drink and mealtime recording sheet, Diary sheet, Template and diagrams for swallow guideline signs; Contacts; References.

9780863885174 - Swallowing Guidelines

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