Group Games: Emotional Strength & Self Esteem

Group Games: Emotional Strength & Self Esteem by Rosemarie Portmann This books offers a variety of games and activities that facilitate a positive and fun learning experience for people of all ages in their emotional and behavioural development. The games and activities are suitable both for individuals and groups, and take a positive and proactive approach to the areas of: self-esteem, aggression, relaxation and concentration, and social skills. This volume contains 111 games to develop emotional strength and confidence. "Through the exploration and discovery of strengths and weaknesses, the participants learn to be assertive whilst living respectfully with others. "Divided into four sections: Strength - What's That?; Getting to Know Your Own Strengths; Gaining Strength - Showing Strength; Together We Are Strong.

Strength - What's that? ; Getting to know your own strengths Gaining strength - Showing strength ; Together we are strong

002 5109 - Group Games: Emotional Strength & Self Esteem

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