Draw on Your Emotions

Draw on Your Emotions

Draw on Your Emotions by Margot Sunderland.

This manual contains a series of structured "easy to do" picture exercises to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal more effectively with their emotions in everyday life. Providing a series of photocopiable illustrations, it is a source of effective ready made material. Contains exercises and pictures specifically designed to ease the process of talking about feelings. Helps to promote a new clarity of thought as a first step towards positive action and bring seemingly huge, unmanageble and insoluble problems into a new perspecitve. Offers opportunities to rehearse other ways of functioning by trying out alternatives safely on paper in exercises that can be adapted for any age range and ability. A superb non-verbal counselling tool

Your life, Who are You ? Your feelings Things which make life difficult ?


9780863883392 - Draw on Your Emotions

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