Creative Storytelling with Children at Risk - Second Edition

The companion volume to the successful Creative Storytelling with Children at Risk, this title is written for both professionals and parents. Using a practical and hand-on approach, Sue Jennings: clearly illustrates the importance of play for the developing child and outlines research showing the consequences of the 'non-playing' child; provides the practical ideas for playing with children from birth onwards and gives clear descriptions of the application of play techniques with children with special needs. These include children with developmental delay as well as children who have suffered abuse; draws attention to the application of sensory play and its role in a 'survival' approach, and includes contrasting approaches to play and play therapy; emphasizes the importance of 'preventative play' for healthy development. Features: This second edition: fully revised and updated; brand new Introduction to include current ideas on neuroscience and child development; more on cross cultural understanding; and introducing mindfulness; new sections on: understanding fear and 'reactive playing'; creating the safe space; unresolved fear leads to anger and rage: how to understand and resolve - new worksheets - cartoon face to discuss; stories to dramatise; dressing up and masks and puppets; and, new worksheets and templates. Dr Sue Jennings pioneered Dramatherapy and Playtherapy in the UK and Europe and established the fields in postgraduate practice. Sue is a founding member of the British Association of Dramatherapists, is State Registered with the Health professions Counsil, a full member of the British Association of Play Therapists and Play Therapy UK. She is also a full member of the National Association of Drama Therapy (USA).

 9781909301825 - Creative Play with Children at Risk

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