Creative Play with Children at Risk

Creative Play with Children at Risk by Sue Jennings. The companion volume to the successful 'Creative Storytelling with Children at Risk', this title is written for both professionals and parents. Using a practical and hands-on approach, Sue Jennings: - Clearly illustrates the importance of play for the developing child and outlines research showing the consequences of the 'non-playing child'. - Provides practical ideas for playing with children from birth onwards and gives clear descriptions of the application of play techniques with children with special needs. These include children with developmental delay as well as children who have suffered abuse. - Draws attention to the application of sensory play and its role in a 'survival' approach, and includes contrasting approaches to play and play therapy and emphasises the importance of 'preventative play' for healthy development. Sue Jennings has worked and researched play and play therapy in many contexts in the UK and Romania and is currently an advisor to the Department of Child Health, University of Exeter. This book will be an extremely useful practical resource for anyone working with children.

Introduction; Play and child development; Cross cultural play; Sensory play; Physical play; Projective play; Puppet and doll play; Dramatic play and drama.

9780863885365 - Creative Play with Children at Risk

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