Creative Games in Groupwork

Creative Games in Groupwork

Creative Games in Groupwork by Robin Dynes. Is presented in a format that immediately allows you to see what materials are needed, how much preparation is required and how each game is played, this book presents practical resource material in an accessible format. "Ideas include introduction mixing exercises, games using gentle movement, exuberant games, puzzles brain teasers, verbal games, pen paper games, and more. "Includes a special outdoor selection, and advice on how to make your group successful. "Ideal for scout and church leaders, as well as occupational therapists, activity organisers and social workers.

A creative guide to creative games in groupwork; Getting to know you (A selection of introduction and mixing exercises); Gently as you go (Quiet games, mostly using gentle movement); On the move (Exuberant games using vigorous movement); Solve a problem (Games usin puzzles and brain-teasers); Talking it through (Verbal games); Writing it down (Pen and paper games); Use your knowledge (General and inpromptu quizzes); Exercise your word power (A selection of stimulating word games); Out and about (Outdoor activities); Alphabetical list of games.

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