Creative Movement & Dance in Groupwork

Creative Movement & Dance in Groupwork

Creative Movement & Dance in Groupwork by Helen Payne  A strong link exists between movement and emotions. This innovative book explores that link and provides 180 practical activities with a clear rationale for the use of dance movement to enrich therapy programmes. "Presents an inspiring range of session ideas and insights. "Session plans divided into warm-ups, introductions to themes, development of themes and warm-downs. "Explores many areas including developmental movement processes, non-verbal communication, and expression communication.

Historical background; Practical Theoretical Issues; Activities (Warm-up; Introduction to a theme; Development of a theme; Warm-down); Information (Training in dance movement therapy; Helpful addresses; Glossary; Journals; Resource base; References; Bibliography); Alphabetical list of activities.

002 0357 - Creative Movement & Dance in Groupwork

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