Creative and Philosophical Thinking in Primary School

Developing creative and philosophical thinking in the everyday classroom by Marie Huxtable, Rosalind Hurford and Joy Mounter.

Build self-confidence through creative thinking activities Philosophy is a fast growing and exciting area of creative development in primary phase education. In this practical introductory book, two teachers and a psychologist provide details of: · How to begin this process in classrooms · Outlines of particularly successful sessions · Case studies drawn from real experience in primary classrooms · Resources and ideas to help get you started. Your pupils will develop: · Playful and experimental thinking outside the box · The ability to pose questions that are important to them and create answers that are reasoned and reasonable · Awareness and appreciation of themselves and others as 'knowledge creators' · Confidence and ability to challenge their own thinking and the status quo.

006 5699 - Creative and Philosophical Thinking in Primary School

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