Controlling Anger: A Solution Focused Approach for Young People

Controlling Anger: A Solution Focused Approach for Young People by Tina Rae and Sara Daly.

A solution-focused approach to anger management for young people. This programme aims to help adolescents: • Avoid or manage situations of conflict • Understand that they can create change • Realise that it is possible to resolve difficulties and achieve a positive outcome. In this thoughtful approach to anger management, the authors suggest a teaching and learning model and use 'story' as the focus of pupil engagement. Draws on topics particularly suitable for teens and young adults, and uses newspaper reports on subjects such as: • Road rage • Racist incidents • 'Happy slapping' • Street fights. During the 10-session programme young people will: • Understand anger in a variety of situations • Learn about physiological and behavioural aspects of anger • Rehearse coping strategies • Plan positive responses to provocative situations. This book offers teachers and non-teaching staff a practical, exciting and well designed resource with full facilitator notes and all handout materials printable from a CD Rom. 179pp, A4, covered wire-o-bound, CD Rom Age: 11-18

My Anger Poems Introduction and Background Objectives for the Course The Structure of the Programme The Structure of the Sessions Using the Programme - A note for facilitators References Getting Started Pre-course Assessment Letters to Parents/Carers

  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: Road Rage
  • Session 3: Exclusion
  • Session 4: Supermarket Battle
  • Session 5: A Racist Incident
  • Session 6: Foul Footballer
  • Session 7: Happy Slapper
  • Session 8: Property Matters
  • Session 9: Street Fight
  • Session 10: Review and Evaluation

006 5578 - Controlling Anger: A Solution Focused Approach for Young People

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