Controlling Anger: A Solution Focused Approach for Children

Controlling Anger: A Solution Focused Approach for Children by Tina Rae and Sara Daly.

A solution-focused approach to anger management for children. This programme aims to help children: • Avoid or manage situations of conflict • Understand that they can create change • Realise that it is possible to resolve difficulties and achieve a positive outcome. In this thoughtful approach to anger management, the authors suggest a teaching and learning model and use 'story' as the focus of pupil engagement. Eight stories help children develop emotional literacy through topics such as: • Fighting with friends • Bullying • Swearing • Humiliation • Exclusion. During the 10-session programme children will: • Understand anger in a variety of situations • Learn about physiological and behavioural aspects of anger • Rehearse coping strategies • Plan positive responses to provocative situations. This book offers teachers and non-teaching staff a practical, exciting and well designed resource with full facilitator notes and all handout materials printable from a CD Rom. 171pp, A4, covered wire-o-bound, CD Rom Age: 5-11

My Anger Poems Introduction and Background Objectives for the Course The Structure of the Programme The Sturcture of the Sessions Using the Programme - A note for facilitators References Getting started Pre-course Assessment Letter to Parents/Carers


  1.  Introduction Session
  2.  Fighting Friends Session
  3. The Loss Session
  4. Cussing Session
  5. Feeling Stupid Session
  6. The Foul Session
  7. Bully Boys Session
  8. Listen-up Session
  9.  All Alone Session
  10.  Review and Evaluation

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