Childens Voice Disorders

Working with Children's Voice Disorders by Jenny Hunt & Alyson Slater.  This practical resource book is intended for speech language therapists and students who have little or no previous experience of working with children with dysphonia. "Drawing on more than 10 years' experience with children's voice disorders, the authors give practical advice on the nature of children's voice problems, ideas for therapy, the aims of intervention and how best to achieve them, as well as an overview of the relevant literature. "Contains ideas for setting up treatment groups, together with case studies and suggestions on how to evaluate therapy and measure outcomes. "Includes ideas for working with groups as well as individuals. "Easily accessible and user-friendly. "Contains photocopiable resources for setting up voice groups, including all essential paperwork. The overall aim of this book is to enable therapists to work confidently and to gain the necessary skills in order to manage this client group within their generic caseload.

Introduction; Laryngeal and Voice Development in Children; The Origins of Paediatric Dysphonia; Assessment and Evaluation; Principles of Therapy and Management; Developing a Programme of Vocal Hygiene for Children; Relaxation and Posture Modification; Breathing for Voice; Voice Therapy Techniques; The Group Approach to Therapy and Therapy Evaluation; Appendices.

9780863889462 - Working with Children's Voice Disorders

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