Working with Dysphagia

Working with Dysphagia

Working with Dysphagia by Lizzy Marks & Deirdre Rainbow. This practical text is indispensable to all clinicians working with dysphagia and is suitable for those involved in a range of settings and with a diversity of client groups. With its perspective on everyday working practice, 'Working with Dysphagia' fills a gap in an area where practical and workable material is much sought after. This book is a useful resource for all therapists, ranging from students to specialist, as the practical assessment approach and comprehensive management strategies are supported throughout with references of recent relevant research.

Introduction; The normal swallow; Respiration and aspiration; Subjective assessment; Objective assessment; General issues in management; Tracheostomies and ventilators; Nutrition and hydration; Legal and professional issues; Health and safety; Making ethical decisions; Training other professionals; Appendices bring together examples of client advice sheets, programmes and details of available resources, including internet sites.

9780863882494 - Working with Dysphagia

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