Group Games: Building Relationships

Group Games: Building Relationships

Group Games: Building Relationships by Thorsten Boehner Is 140 games and activities to foster personal development; improve social communication skills; and strengthen group dynamics. "Full of practical and creative ideas that can be implemented with minimal preparation and equipment. "Suitable for all ages, the games will increase self- and other-awareness; improve recognition of one's own limits as well as awareness of the limits of others; encourage better teamwork skills; and increase flexibility as participants gain new experiences in a playful and safe environment. "Includes: Group gel activities; Warm-up activities; Exercises for building trust and awareness; Imagination and improvisation; Closing exercises; Special exercises and tips for amateur dramatics lovers.

Group gel activities Warm-up activities Exercises for building trust and awareness Imaginiation and inprovisation Closing exercises Special exercises and tips fo amateur dramatics lovers.

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