Creative Puppetry with Children & Adults

Creative Puppetry with Children & Adults

Creative Puppetry with Children & Adults by Sue Jennings. This is a practical book on making puppets for anyone working with children, teenagers or adults. The puppets can be used for both emotional literacy work and therapeutic play. The positive effect of puppet work with adults and children with special needs cannot be overestimated and the practical making of the puppets gives them a chance to explore and experience delight in their creations. Many children will relate to puppets when they are unable to relate to other people. This is particularly the case with children sho have behavioural and emotional difficulties and need help with their communication and social skills. The puppets can also be used for theme-based work with 11-16 year olds, such as education in drug abuse and bullying. The book aims to give people the confidence to create and use puppets for drama and story work using materials which are easily accessible and inexpensive. For those professionals already familiar with puppet work and its therapeutic effect, the book contains a wide variety of puppets to make: finger puppets, simple dolls and puppets, hand puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets, puppets on poles, animal and generational puppets, and story dolls. The book offers: · A brief history of how puppets have been used in different cultures and adapted over the centuries to meet social, religious and political needs · 29 worksheets with step-by-step instructions and templates for making a variety of puppets · Advice on how to use puppets for particular therapy work · Simple exercises to promote puppet skills and encourage creativity · Stories and plays to use with the puppets · An essential address book of organisations, training centres, puppet theatres and suppliers

Why puppets? A short history; Fun with fingers; Simple dolls and puppets; Hands as puppets; Stick puppets – a stick is not just a stick; Shadow puppets; Puppets on poles – larger than life; Puppets with mouth; Story dolls: evoking stories; Good yarns for puppets and dolls; Useful addresses; Bibliography.

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